Shiatsu Westerpark Amsterdam

David Lonsdale

David Lonsdale is owner of Shiatsu Westerpark and a qualified IOKAI Shiatsu Therapist.

David Lonsdale has been studying shiatsu and running a shiatsu practice since 1988. His first contact with shiatsu came when he followed a workshop given by Peter den Dekker in 1987. It had an immediate positive impression and motivated him to know more and to go deeper into the subject.

Between 1988-90 he followed a Zen Shiatsu training under the guidance of Peter den Dekker, Joyce Vlaarkamp and Eloise Sewell. His further studies include anatomy, physiology, pathology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 1999, having finished four years of study at the IOKAI Shiatsu Academy in Amsterdam, he became a member of the Nederlande Vereniging IOKAI Shiatsu Therapeuten (V.I.S.) As a certified Iokai Shiatsu Therapist he is registered with the R.B.C.Z, a register of therapists as well as the S.C.A.G, an organisation dealing with complaints procedures. In keeping with the demands of the health insurance companies in 2016 he graduated in Higher Education Studies in the subject’s: anatomy, physiology, pathology and psycho-social skills. David Is also a teacher of yoga.

His practice is registered in The Netherlands with the Chambre of Commerce no. 343453390000.

David has worked with companies such as Unilever, Danone and Tommy Hilfiger.


Most Dutch health insurance companies reimburse IOKAI shiatsu treatments.


David Lonsdale of Shiatsu Westerpark is a qualified therapist, RBNG Registered Therapist and a member of the Vereniging voor IOKAI Shiatsu Therapeuten (VIS).

 Δ Diploma Zen Shiatsu Therapist
 Δ Diploma European Academy of IOKAI Shiatsu
 Δ Diploma IOKAI Shiatsu Academy The Netherlands

IOKAI member RBNG member